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Boruto chapter one, you guys got to tell me that there’s some other chapter somewhere out there online that I don’t know about this – cannot be the chapter that people were hyping this stuff up. Just you know just bonito new manga boruto and hinata hentai comic. It has been announced it’s not by kishimoto, and so let me let me backtrack a little bit so I woke up. I knew it was kind of weird that this chapter hadn’t come out, because yesterday all the other chapters came out, she was like where’s the boat at the chapter, that’s kind of weird no biggie. I can wait. I wake up in the morning. I see the first. You know color color pages like damn like this is some good boruto manga.

This is, I’m hooked immediately after those first couple of pages in color. It definitely gave me the Naruto feel those first couple of pages with potato fighting kawaki with the you know, the the COG a Hokage faces destroyed Konoha is nothing but rubble boruto manga free. What the happened here. I automatically want to know more about this right. I keep reading you know and, as I keep going through these pages, I’m obviously you know paying attention to the art style and there’s a part of me that begins to think that maybe I was a little bit too hard on the art style because you know Throughout you know the first I don’t know 10 pages boruto manga hentai.

It began to grow on me, so I thought you know boruto manga online. Maybe I exaggerated, maybe maybe it wasn’t that bad Sasuke still looks pretty funny. You know gene kind of looks like he put on a couple of pounds. His face is kind of like a circle, but you know just just differences, so I kept going and I pretty much reflected upon the fact that you know maybe this art style is not going to be as hard to get used to. As I thought, no big deal kept going needless to say that the art should have been the least of our worries, at least for this chapter right I kept reading and I started noticing wow. This is basically its rehashing boruto, you know, and so I thought well boruto manga plus. Okay, at first, I thought it makes sense, because you know you want to set up. You know make a brief mention about what happened in both till the movie, so that you can then connect it to whatever it is, is happening in the first couple of pages with potato and kawaki.

So I was like cool there, using a small section of the bottle to the movie as a way to set up whatever’s coming up next right boruto manga read online, not a big deal, just a small portion of the bullet, Oh movie, as a flashback in this in this in this manga Chapter right, because boruto is kind of thinking back on it to understand that moto2 has gone through a lot great. I keep reading 64 pages of this new artist. This guy, you know proving that he can trace Bo Toto. The movie the first act of the movie frame by frame scene by scene beat by beat. This is essentially both to the movie, the first part of the movie in manga for all right, except with no color in black and white and with shittier art style boruto manga reddit.

Thats what this is garbage complete utter garbage and the thing is like they packaged it in a way, so that you would think that this was a new chapter of bonito, the beginning of a new story boruto manga viz. Well, the first two pages are the beginning of a new story. The rest is a rehash. Yo, spoiler alert. Man cover your ears right now. If you don’t wan na hear, what’s gon na happen, right Sasuke does in fact spoiler. He does in fact become botos sensei. He trains bonito, I’m sorry, I spoiled it for you. I hope you can sleep at night, just terrible, all right, absolutely atrocious, god-awful garbage dear chapter, what the hell was, who thought it would be a good idea boruto nhentai.

You know, you know what would be a good idea just to give people something that they’ve already seen, but in crappier quality boruto porncomic. Thats amazing. I felt like an absolute idiot, like a total reading, this chapter, holding on to the hope that we were going to get some new content by the end before the end of the chapter 64 pages. Alright, this chapter was a troll there’s, just no other way to describe it boruto x hinata hentai comic. An absolute troll, alright, just meet Sookie all right. The chapter by Kishimoto is a much better start to bout the series than this. This is a great example of when the exaggerated milking of a series goes horribly wrong.

It’S too much right. The person who drew these panels in this chapter basically wanted to sort of like show off his ability to trace stuff boruto and hinata hentai comic. So, like look at me, I’m an amazing tracer. I love tracing. I got a gold star when I was in kindergarten and the teacher told us you need to trace this book. Thats what this is now. Let me remind you: okay, here’s the kicker. This is a monthly series boruto manga. You know how long, if they’re gon na, if they’re planning on doing the entire botota movie, you know how many months you’re going to have to wait to have the copy of the bullet or the movie that we all wanted. We all wanted an exact replica, a boom to the movie, but drawn-out we wanted it in pictures. We wanted it in manga form, they’re just giving us what we want guys.

Here’S the thing all right, if you support garbage you get garbage in return boruto manga free. This is an absolute embarrassment, not a quality product, not something I can endorse, and I mean that in every sense of the word, I’m a very successful person right. Let me tell you, people love me. They love me. They like me, because I’m very successful they don’t like this chapter boruto manga hentai. That’S the truth, the travesty! I actually went and did my research for this. The only thing that we got that we could interpret as new content all right. I went back to check on a boat until the movie to see if we had gotten some new stuff. The only thing I think is that that scene with Maggie and the ino-shika-cho team, when she’s giving them the applications for the Chunin exams boruto manga online.

I think that’s it. That’s pretty much it like. The only thing I liked about this was honestly the first pages, because we have no stuff coming at us boruto manga plus. With boruto, I really did like bonitos new design. He seems a little bit older the whole. You know them standing near. The Hokage faces just kind of gave me that the value of the end type of feel everything’s destroyed. He has a katana and only that, but he has like a Kakashi scar running across his eye. Its interesting because both awake and voters, who have like this curse, mark on different arms or different sides of their body kawaki has it on his left side or in his left arm and boto. Has it on his right and actually boruto manga read online, I think, walking activates it at one point and it starts glowing red his glows red bow to toes glows blue.

You know because at first both of the marks are just dark, they’re just black and then they change color. So I don’t know what those things represent, I’m getting kind of. Like the you know, the state of the six paths like Sun and Moon. Like the you know, both of both of the kids, then the sons of the sage of six paths, kind of like lineage lives on through these people, oh and by the way, according to a dialogue by kayak, it seems as if Naruto is dead. Come do you really honestly think he’s dead that that makes this chapter even more of what’s rule, how are you gon na kill, ya Naruto, just casually mentions the fact that Naruto is now dead. What an amazing storytelling technique hook, everybody by the balls by telling them that the main protagonist of the previous series is dead masterful, just amazing, amazing storytelling holy crap boruto manga reddit!

This is this is high-quality writing right here. It has nothing to do with wanting to milk the living out of this series out of this property, but we love the Naruto garbage. We lie. We will read any anything that has to do with Naruto, because our lives depend on it. Oh, and by the way it looks like bonus who has a new eye just there at first boruto manga viz. I thought it was the Byakugan, because the pupil was very light very clear, but I didn’t see any of the veins that usually you know, accompany the Byakugan. So what I guess this is like, like a WoW type of thing, maybe he aware died and gave it to him just like just like Obito gave his shotgun to Kakashi. Thats a crazy theory. Uh no, but I mean like how am I supposed to make any type of predictions with no information like seriously who the is awake?

Who is he where’d he come from boruto nhentai? Why is he dressed up like a punk and why did potahto need to activate the curse? Mark in order to open up his eye – I don’t know – oh you know, what’s gon na suck. I just thought about something, you know what’s really going to make it as a troll chapter. If this happens to be a dream sequence for bonito. Oh, this guy kawaki doesn’t really exist. I just made him up because that’s what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a guy who protects Konoha, because here’s the thing right in order for corner had to be up at the point that we see in the beginning of this chapter with Naruto later Sasuke. There all right these. These people that have inherited the sage of the six paths, chakra and techniques, what they like this guy kawaki – must be a broken piece of boruto porncomic.

So unless this is some type of a dream sequence, this guy is incredibly overpowered and leave it to bottles that would be the one to actually fight him. I started to get like you know: pain, invasion, arc vibes just because of the destruction, so maybe Naruto and Sasuke aren’t there at the village, and maybe that’s why this should happen. That being said, I thought this chapter was absolutely atrocious. It offers us too little bordering on almost nothing there’s some content there, but it’s almost. Why don’t we get aside from the first couple of pages? So that’s pretty much my review. Thank you so much for watching. If you liked or disliked this review go at it go at it, I’m just coming at you straight, I’m keeping it real, keeping it 100 boruto x hinata hentai comic. You know what to do.