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Boruto – Episódio 03 – Metal Lee Vai Com Tudo!! If you’re interested to discover more about ,
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Boruto returned to normality and Sasuke noticed the special healing power of the new Boruto, but he was also told that they wanted to get rid of him. He said that he showed up for the second time and that he enjoyed it , so he went and reappeared, this time with the same chakra in his body. boruto manga read online. Kishimoto also wrote a special book – shot in August: “The Day Naruto became Hokage, “but the content of this particular story is still unknown boruto nhentai. Ikemoto, who works as an assistant to Kishesimoto, draws Boruto and tells the story of Naruto Hinata’s son. And he is not alone, as the first key images for the second part of the series, “Boruto Manga,” have been released boruto manga viz.
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